Friday, March 28, 2014

Download available for Brother PES embroidery files

I finally got around to uploading the PES files I made.  If anyone wants to play with them, they are below.

Please be aware they are for personal use only. If I find them being sold anywhere, I will not be very nice about it.

Fluttershy - My little pony.  She is supposed to look like this. Make sure you sew her out first.  Sized to fit approx 150 mm high  Link to Pes File

Shaman - This is a sample only. Make sure you sew it out first - also, do not sew out the word "shaman" as it may not sew out correctly. Sized to fit approx 150 mm high.  Link to Pes File

Owls eyes. - I did this for when I make a "remote owl". I haven't sewn this out yet, so check it in your preview software. Link to Pes file

Have fun with these - and remember - I am not responsible for any damage to your machine if you decide to try these out. They are purely put up for display purposes only. Any use must be for personal use only. 

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