Friday, January 30, 2009

Yamaha Cuban Crocodile recolour

For my fathers birthday, I decided to give him a paper craft crocodile. I thought there would be more than one type out there that was of a decent calibre, but no. All were very basic or childish - so I recoloured the Yamaha one to make it look more like an Aussie bred one... and here is the final product. It took me ages - and if you look closely, he even has real teeth and a real tongue! I found a picture (royalty free) and snipped and twisted and pushed and shoved it around the flat mounth. Had to print twice, as I forgot to put the spikes back in! LOL I presented it to him with scratchy tickets in it's mouth and told him he would have to tackle the croc to get the tickets! It's long story, but my Dad is a true blue Aussie, and some (silly people) liken him to Steve Irwin, all because he loves his outback. Though, to be honest, I don't think he's even seen a crocodile outside of the zoo! We live in the southern part of Australia. We don't have crocs here - it's too dry. :D

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