Monday, February 9, 2009

Another day....

Well, the heat is gone for a while, and I can stop scratching.  It's prickly heat!  I've been scratching like a dog with fleas all week, and only now have discovered what it is. It's been over 40°C for over a week, but we're getting a few days of respite. 

No wonder I was snarly and crabby and jumping to conclusions. I decided to stay with the papercraft group, but I'm going to just lurk and not input. Those that want to check here every now and then will see if I have got anything done with the pokemon papercraft etc.   The last few days of problems with copyright talk has only proven to me that I'm just not good committee material.  Because that's all an online group is.  A glorified committee that talks a lot!  LOL

Anyway, keep tuned, as I'm going to put the weedle on hold for a while and try to do something a little less complex.  I'm thinking a building, as they are built of mostly squares and no confounded complex curves!!

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