Thursday, May 7, 2009

My 3 legged dog

Well, it's got 3 legs and is standing (sort of) on it's own. :)
Instead of collapsing inwards, it's all staying put. Though the front legs have a tendancy to drift inwards. I'll fix that up before I put the final leg on... which I'm not looking forward to! I'll also pop out the bits that have been accidently pushed in when I was fighting with it to put bit ons.
There is a ruler in the picture for height comparison. The ruler is a 60cm ruler.  And when I look at the dog, it's actually the same size as our blue healer. :) 
I had glue up to my elbows.. literally! I ended up slathering it on, with my arm up the elbow when I was putting the belly on. LOL  Lots of fun. :)
Oh, and for those that wish to know - I used Adobe Acrobat to print it out as a poster print, at 390%. So each page was actually made up of 4 x 4 pages (16 pages). Most of my time was putting those pages together.
My next project at a large size, will be the tiger from Canon. But I'll use cardboard instead, so that she/he doesn't collapse. It might make it easier to put together too.

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