Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hand Puppets

Well, it's been while, but when you are busy time just flies. :/ My world is a little turned around at the moment. I quit my job of 8 years 2 weeks ago and haven't felt this good in ages. :) I'm sewing lots, and generally feeling less stressful. I've been applying for work, but it's exhausting - and due to my level of experience, it's not an instant thing when finding out how things have gone. *sigh* Anyway, the video below is a Youtube video that I uploaded. :) They are 2 soft scultpure puppets that I made in 3 days for a show last night. I think it went down well. I'm very happy with the puppets and now have a burning desire to make more! Go watch the video, and watch this space for more videos.. Now that I've found my video camera again! LOL

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