Monday, December 14, 2009


Man, have *I* been slack!! It's been ages since I wrote and so much has happened. - Got a job, started on the 2nd November. Hectic, but good. - Foot is healing nicely. Slight bulge where the scar is, but otherwise most of the time I forget that I got it done. - Pulled out of Sound of Music, as it was just too expensive and too far to go. :/ - Didn't get into Pirates of Penzance, but will be helping out backstage. - Yeomen of the guard when really well. :) I'll post a couple of pictures soon. - My old work place has re-advertised my old job AGAIN! This is the 3rd time. :) So cool! - I'm not really losing weight with all this gym work, but I am changing shape. It's nice to put my hand on my side and not feel lots of unwanted lumps. LOL That's about it for now. :) More updates later.

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