Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 3

It's close to the end of day three and I'm feeling pretty lousy. I've had massive twitches all day around the eyes and my ears are playing up.  I'm constantly feeling like I've got something sitting just above my stomach and I'm hungry.  I'm also feeling a little down, but I think that's because I feel overtired. Got a bit teary today when the boss told me that I talk too much. :s

On the up side, I haven't had any hay fever symptoms and I've not been suffering from massive stomach issues. I seem to have less wind and am not sitting on the toilet all day.

The scales aren't showing any changes, but then again, I haven't done any exercise or changed my eating habits.

Last night I didn't sleep the best - kept waking up from around 3am. Really annoying. It seemed like my brain wanted to wake up, but my body didn't want t move. Hope it's not going to happen for too long.

Time will tell.

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